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Why OC Trainer’s small-group training is great

We LOVE small group training… and we guarantee you will too.

We, and our clients, LOVE group training… it keeps training affordable, which allows the consistency needed to achieve a great physique. There is great synergy, energy and motivation in our small (3-6 people) groups… you’ll also make new friends who will become a vital part of your support system and, well, have a LOT more fun.

Greg’s #1 fitness quick tip

Here is the NUMBER ONE quick tip for saying in shape, and maintaining abs and a great physique year round.

It’s all about meal prep.. pre cooking days worth of food will make all the difference. When you can simply open your refrigerator, pop a great slow cooked chicken breast into the microwave, you have fast food thats actually good for you.

Dr. Saddik and ART/Chiropractic with Greg

Greg & Dr. Saddik show how amazing and painless Chiropractic and Active Release Treatment are for performance and health.

Dr. John Saddik gives a great presentation on how Active Release Treatment and Chiropractic form a critical part of any athletes (or just everyday peoples) regime, and treats Greg through a whole session

Greg, and several of his clients, have had amazing results with ART and Chiropractic care with Dr. John Saddik, so we thought it time to video a therapy session; Dr. Saddik is very articulate and knowledgeable and shares some really useful information. It’s a long video, but we really hope to show how effective this is, as well as how painless – many people are just a bit afraid of this for no reason at all!

Visit Dr. John Saddik at

Dirty little trainer secret

Dirty little trainer secret: If your trainer is having you do a lot of cardio and keeping you in the gym for longer than an hour, he/she is not good at what they do. FACT!! Cardio is not good for weight loss, not nearly as effective as your diet. Doing lots of cardio leads to:

  • Slower metabolic rate
  • Decreased testosterone levels
  • Decreased insulin sensitivity


C.D.C. Statistics & Portion Control

The C.D.C. – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control obesity rates are shocking; portion size – especially when dining out – for women, are a huge part of getting, and staying fit.

The average woman is now 5′ 4″ 165lbs with a 37″ waist, while the average man is now 5’9″ 105 lbs. with a 39″ waist. Women are gaining weight at a greater speed then men…. restaurant portions play a huge part in this epidemic. Greg shares some simple strategies to overcome the massive portions served in restaurants now.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Fads in fitness today; Part 2

Greg Talks about some of the latest fitness trends… and how they may or may not be in your best interest.

People are picking what is popular with their friends, what the latest is (Bootcamp, Pilates, Pole Dancing, P90x)… with few people reaching their fitness goals. Real fitness doesn’t happen by accident, it takes dedication, hard work and intelligent decisions.

Fads in fitness and gyms today

What’s up with this fad in modern gyms with bootcamp, kettlebell and the like?

A lot of people think these ‘modern’ methods of training, bootcamps, agility balls, resistance bands, and the link are not bad… per se… but they will not get you into the kind of shape you probably want to get in… there is a place for everything, but we don’t think they work nearly as well as traditional, time-honed weightlifting and cardio workouts.

Greg’s Border States Contest Prep 2010

Last year, I decided to once again compete and take the stage at a regional bodybuilding show put on the the NPC (The National Physique Committee).

This is my journey towards competing in the 2010 Border States Championship.

While I realize most of my clients just want to get themselves into lose weight, get themselves into better shape, or simply get healthier, and have no interest in bodybuilding whatsoever, I thought it would be great to share some of what I went through over my 14 week contest prep which allowed me to drop 42 lbs in that time, and hopefully inspire you to take the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

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