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More than 1000 people have trusted OC Trainer with their training and fitness goals.

Here is what some recent clients have to say:

Kari lost 50+ lbs in 6 months.

“I have always seen the benefit of working out with a skilled professional. I have been training with Greg for six months. I have trained with five other trainers over the past 15 years but never have I seen results this quickly. Over the years I have tried different diets with some success but Greg has put the equation in balance, the right diet and the right training program for ultimate success. I have never felt this good, looked this good or been this strong. He told me the right foods for weight loss and for strength building. I am not hungry with this program so I am able stick to the plan. Greg started me with what was a hard workout for me but not so hard that I would injure myself or burn out.  He made it just hard enough to challenge me with the most growth possible. He listens to your needs while pushing you to do your best. He tailors each work out to get the best results. I have lost 50 pounds working out with Greg and I know that I will keep the weight off. I have reached what was my original goal, but now I have a new goal in mind and I know that with Greg’s knowledge and expertise, I WILL reach that new goal–and have continued success. Greg is continually researching and educating himself which helps me to get the best training possible. Whatever your fitness goals may be, I think Greg is the best trainer for any needs. I give him the highest ranking possible and thank him for all he has done to make my life healthy, happy and successful.”


See to what John had to say.

Erik says it all in about 19 seconds.


Steve completely transformed himself.

“I saw Greg consistently for 3 years, and while I was with him I always made progress towards my goals of losing weight and looking better. The added benefit of having a nutritionist as well as a trainer helped me make huge progress towards my goals, diet is such a huge part of losing weight. I learned a lot while I was with Greg, and although I now live in LA and can’t see him, I use all the lessons he taught me every day while I continue towards my fitness goals. I enjoyed semi-private training much more than one-on-one, going through workouts and making progress as part of a group or team was much more fun than solo. I looked forward to going to the gym, seeing everyone, and getting one step closer to my goals. Greg never let me slack too much, he always found one way or another to keep me moving in the right direction. I consider Greg a friend, he were always a positive and inspirational influence in my life.”

Lizette rocks her workouts with a smile and a laugh.


Megan tried Crossfit, gained 30lbs, then came to us.

“I started at OC Trainer with Greg in May of 2013. Before this I did crossfit for almost 2 years. I gained close to 30 lbs doing crossfit.

My so called “coach” obviously had no knowledge of the human body. He had me coming in 3-4 days a week and eating 1800 calories a day, even on the days I didn’t lift. I couldn’t drop the weight and I kept gaining. I had a meal meeting with him every 2 weeks and he couldn’t figure out why I was still gaining. I’ll tell you why … he told me that I didn’t need extra cardio and to only do cardio for 20 min a day 3-4 times a week. I then decided to terminate my contract after a bunch of drama and because they wouldn’t let me out of the contract.

I started seeing Greg shortly thereafter. After my first session with Greg I wanted to cry (but in a good way). Even though I had been lifting for years he had me doing sets back to back with very little rest & it killed me! Then after a few weeks he gave me a meal plan which I now follow religiously and he has me doing cardio for about 30 min after I lift. I also do cardio on my own so I’m getting between 5-6 days of cardio instead of 3-4 days. In crossfit we would lift for about 20-30 min then do our WOD which only lasted at the very most 20 min! Since training with Greg I’ve lost close to 30 lbs and have gained muscle and strength!  Amazing results in such a short period! All it took was for someone to listen to my needs and struggles and get me back on the right track.

Greg is so passionate and dedicated to his job and in helping others. Most trainers just want your money and will feed you a bunch of BS but not Greg. He has over 15 years of experience and he is always researching to find new techniques that works best for each individual client that he trains. I have learned so much from him especially when it comes to my diet. I struggled in the past with anorexia, and to this day I find myself slipping back into that old pattern. As soon as I see the numbers on the scale go up I immediately panic and will stop eating and then there are the days where I’m not hungry and he makes me eat because my body needs the fuel from food to keep my energy going and to build muscle. I have to give him mad props for putting up with me, I give him a ton of crap and sometimes when I’m not in the mood to work out I’ll try to manipulate him and that’s when he pushes me ever harder — he doesn’t let me get away with my antics.  This is something I need and crave!

I’ve now become obsessed with working out again and feel guilty when I miss a workout and it is all thanks to Greg! I work full time at a very demanding job (40 plus hours a week) and am a single mother of 2 very active boys … I manage to get to the gym 5-6 times a week, so if I can do it, anyone can. I used to be too tired and make excuses but now I make the time and put the hard work in and see the results. If you really want to achieve your goal you’ll find a way. Remember it never gets easier, you just get stronger! No excuses”.


James proves this can be done at any age.

“I am so very impressed by the dedication and support I get from Greg. I have never been so pleased with the results I get from the gym as I am now. I am the oldest I have ever been and I do not ever remember looking as good as I do now. Thanks Greg your training has REALLY made a difference!”

See to what Matt had to say.


Ryan lost 80lbs in 6 months.

“I have worked out with Greg for eight years during that time I went from being a lethargic “computer geek” to accomplishing fitness goals I would not have thought possible. In 2010 Greg persuaded me to take the final step in my physical transformation and loose the excess weight I’ve been carrying all of my life. He created not just a diet but a lifestyle change which allowed me to loose seventy pounds of weight in just over a year and more importantly keep it off. At age thirty-four I am in better shape then I have been at any time in my life and I’m throughly enjoying my new found energy. Greg’s constant study in the discipline of fitness along with his real world experience from being a professional bodybuilder allowed him to craft a diet and exercise plans for me that, I feel, other trainers are simply unable to match. It is without reservation that I recommend Greg Faunce as a personal trainer.”


Rick lost over 110bs, while packing on a lot of muscle… and he did it at 48 years old.

“After finding myself laying in the cardiac ER unit, at age 45, morbidly obese at 350lbs+, the “I really need to change this” bulb went off. I searched through every personal trainer in Orange County, and found Greg and OCTrainer; Greg’s ‘no BS/hard work = results’ approach and his personal love of both training clients, and keeping in top shape year round himself, was the hook: this guy walked the walk, and one look at his own physique was a quick guarantee that this guy knew his stuff. He truly leads and inspires by example. I’m now wearing jeans in the size I wore in high school, which is way, way, beyond where I EVER thought I’d end up when I first started training with Greg. No doubt it’s been very hard work… and required a major shift in lifestyle, which I’ve fallen in love with now. My energy levels are off the charts, but the big thing that nobody can put a price on is this: for the first time in my adult life, I’m 100% comfortable in my own skin; For that alone, I cant even begin to thank Greg enough. The workouts are energizing and Gregs constantly learning and researching what leaders in the fields of training and nutrition are doing, and thus, keeping his clients way ahead of what others trainers provide. I could have NEVER ever done this on my own… I would have given up after a week or two. The huge part nobody talks about is the support system you get…Greg and the whole OC Trainer circle keep me going… and visa versa.”


Abe completely transformed himself.

“Working out with Greg has transformed my whole outlook on life and working out. He has shown me how to eat healthy reach a body that is attainable and maintainable. Greg has the ability to focus on what works for each individual client rather than follow a book or a training guide like most gyms. Working out with Greg is truly a personal experience that anyone who is serious about working out or improving their health or physical appearance should definitely look into.”


Lana got a firm toned physique.

“I would never have made it to this level of fitness without Greg Faunce as my personal trainer. And if you ask me, his body is his resume. You cannot look the way Greg looks if you don’t know what you are doing. His knowledge and his expertise are what make him great, but his passion and dedication to training are what really set him apart. And to all the ladies that are worried that you will get “too big” or “too bulky” if you lift weights – you won’t. I was lifting my heaviest and working my hardest when this photo was taken.”


Maretha built a lean, toned physique.

“Greg Faunce; he is my trainer, my friend, my motivator and most importantly, he is the one person who keeps me in shape (well… almost)! I have been training with Greg on a regular three times a week basis, for the past FIVE years. Yup, FIVE years! He has always been that one person who tells me to never skip my workouts and not to eat out all the time. Five years ago, I was seriously underweight (we are talking about being 95 lbs with 5’5″ height) and very unhealthy. I always got sick in every few months and never understood the concept of eating right or eating healthy. I had a bad habit of eating only two times a day (skipped breakfast, ate big lunch and heavy dinner).NOT GOOD! When I first started training with Greg, he wrote me this nutrition program and I had no idea of how to eat in small meals 4-5 times a day. I had a hard time adjusting my ‘rice with no protein’ two-times a day meal, into a ‘lean protein, veggies, low glycemic-carbs combination’ small meals. Trust me, it is so hard to change into this diet routine, but it is worth it.It’s only hard at the beginning and after a while, you will find yourself eating every 2-3 hours without even forcing it. The first week I worked out with Greg, I could not even lift my arms as I was super sore the next day and boy, did I want to quit right away. But I’m glad I didn’t! Because the more and more I trained with him, I started seeing results! Greg’s workout routines are challenging but super fun. You will never get bored. Going to the gym is actually the part of day I look forward the most now. Working out is a great way to relieve your stress from work or from simply having a bad day. Greg helped me to gain a total of 20 lbs of lean muscle for the past five years. He tones up my body to the point where I can fit to my clothes so much better!I feel more confident, happier, and most importantly, I am way healthier than how I was five years ago. Greg is not only my trainer, he has been a part of my life these past few years, and has became my true friend that I know I can count on. He truly cares about his clients and he is very passionate of what he does best, training. I honestly can’t really imagine life without working out now. Don’t let ‘I’m so busy, I don’t have the time’ excuse stops you from being one step closer to the healthier you. You’re in control of your own life, so make the time no matter what! Greg’s OC Trainer is the way to go if you want to look and feel your best.”