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Training & Fitness FAQs

Q: If I lift weights, will I get big?

That’s the question we hear from many when starting out. Many people assume lifting weights translates to ‘bodybuilder’. Here’s a good analogy: You can take up golf, but are you going to be the next Tiger Woods? Probably not. Bodybuilders spend years and years of extremely heavy training and diet/supplements to look the way they look; If that’s the look you are after, great; we can help you get there. But most of our clients just want to look lean, toned and, well, frankly, just great. That’s our speciality, and something we have helped hundreds of men and women achieve

Q: Isn’t cardio the fastest way to lose weight?

A lot of people think so. And you’ll hear it over and over. The truth to losing weight fast is really about a mix of cardio, resistance training, and of course healthy eating. Our clients who employ all three burn more calories, and lose weight significantly faster than those on cardio alone. It’s all part of a lifestyle change for us, one that lasts a lifetime.

Q: Do I have to take protein powder and supplements?

Do you have to? No. Should you? Yes. These days, we are all ‘on the go’… school, kids, soccer, dance, surfing, whatever it is, it’s a whirlwind. One of the keys to building lean muscle mass is sufficient intake of protein and other essential vitamins and nutrients. One of the fastest and healthiest ways to get all these nutrients is with protein powder. It’s quickly and easily digested, making for an easy (and yes, really tasty) meal. It’s also great at making you feel full, so you are never hungry.

Q: How fast can I lose XX pounds?

This is not a short or simple answer. Notice something on our website? It’s missing the “Guaranteed!!”, the “Lose Fat Now!” and last but not least, the “Special Discount If You Call Now”. Our clients’ results speak for themselves, and as more than one has said, “weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint”. Our programs set you on a path of weight loss that is life-lasting; the pounds won’t come back if you keep following our healthy approach. You’ll hear of all sorts of crazy promises of fast loss (but you won’t hear about how fast the weight often comes back).

Q: What sets you apart from the other trainers?

OC Trainer was started because we were tired of seeing people get ripped off by trainers that don’t share the same enthusiasm as US! We are in shape. This is a crucial component when choosing a personal trainer. Why? Because if someone cannot master their own body how will they master yours?

Q: Why do I need a personal trainer?

The truth nobody wants you to know: 99% of trainers are full of hot air. Anyone can benefit from a personal trainer. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or 10; whether you want to get lean and toned or just get rid of that stubborn post-baby pooch; or whether you finally want to attempt that 5K or marathon you’ve been dreaming of, having someone to hold you accountable and push you just a little (or a lot) harder can make all the difference. Whatever your goal, we promise that we can help you reach it faster (and make it a lot more fun) than trying to get there alone.

Q: What can I expect training with OC Trainer?

Our philosophy and methods are simple, basic, straightforward, and honest. Our clients get in shape as fast as possible. How do we get such amazing results? Because we stay active in the fitness community, we are forced to further our education daily and keep up with the latest supplemental and nutrition technology.

Q: If I workout a lot can I eat whatever I want and still stay lean?

Some people are blessed with the genetic makeup that will allow them to eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound. We are not those people, and in all likelihood, neither are you. Here is the great part: our nutrition plans make people feel so good day in and day out, that you won’t even want to eat most of the junk you do now anyway. If lightning hits and you just must have something, go ahead and enjoy it; just do so in moderate quantities and not every day. Life is short, and we believe in living it to the fullest; so once in a while, go ahead, indulge yourself.

Q: How is our personal training better than bootcamp?

We train our clients in a private gym in Costa Mesa, equipped with a wide variety of cardio-conditioning and weight-training equipment. We don’t use drill-sergeant tactics or try to force our clients to do things they feel they can’t handle. Rather, we guide our clients through proper form, push them enough to get great results without risking injury, and provide education that will be beneficial both now and in the long-run.

Q: Why is proper nutrition so important?

Proper nutrition is really the most important part of the weight loss puzzle. You may only spend an hour in the gym a few days a week, it’s those other hours that can make or break your progress and goals. We strongly believe in creating nutrition plans that our clients can not just ‘live with’, but actually enjoy and keep forever. We don’t do diets. We do lifelong healthy eating programs. We don’t use any trendy diets, pills or fad foods; just simple, clean, heatlhy foods, in the right portions, at the right times of the day, all completely customized for your likes and dislikes. Our nutrition programs are so successful (and easy to stay on), our clients find that after a few months, they don’t even have the desires to ‘cheat’ on bad food, since they feel so great on our ‘clean’ food.

Q: What facility(s) do you train at?

We train at MetRx Fitness in Costa Mesa. It’s a large gym, packed full of equipment ranging from cardio, machines, cables and of course free weights. It’s a no-nonsense place, where serious fitness people come to train; the exact opposite of any ‘corporate’ gym in every way (no pool, no sauna, no massage, no attitude, no judgements).

Q: What’s the difference between private, semi-private and group training?

OC Trainer is happy to offer our clients a range of training programs, from personal one-on-one sessions (2-5 times weekly), to our semi-private ‘micro-group’ sessions. Our semi-private training is actually how most of our clients prefer to train, as they find the small group (3-4 people) approach conducive to fast gains. We don’t do any larger groups like most trainers (and most all bootcamps), as we think the personal touch and guidance is not possible in this larger format.

Q: Isn’t personal training expensive?

While personal training can in fact be seen as a luxury, it doesn’t have to be. Most of our clients actually prefer the interaction and shared support (not to mention lasting friendships made) with our semi-private training. These small-group sessions are just $40, making training with OC Trainer easy for just about anyone.